Cesar Ritz “The Ritz Paris trip” 參訪課程



今年4月開始,Cesar Ritz “The Ritz Paris Trip” 已成為正式科目之一,費用也會含在學費中, 給予MIB 廚藝學生。第一次參訪將在第一學期後進行,第二次參訪則會安排在第三學期後進行。“The Ritz Paris Trip” 通常計劃在放假第二週舉行。學生需要安排的唯一額外的事情是往返於巴黎的交通工具,學生需要自行支付。

Dear Representatives,

Please note that as of April this year, the Ritz Paris trips have become mandatory and included in the fees for all MIB Culinary students.The 1st trip will be taken after Term 1 and the 2nd trip will be taken after Term 3.The Ritz Paris trip is normally planned for the 2nd week of their term break. The only additional thing that students need to arrange will be the transportation to and from Paris which they will need to pay on their own.We kindly ask that you inform your students so that they can make all the necessary travel arrangements.