《瑞士》瑞士廚藝學院榮幸邀請榮獲大英帝國勳章的瑞士籍主廚Anton Mosimann 與 SEG大使Stanislas Wawrinka 在布夫雷校區舉辦盛大的活動。

瑞士廚藝學院榮幸邀請榮獲大英帝國勳章的瑞士籍主廚Anton Mosimann 與 SEG大使Stanislas Wawrinka 在布夫雷校區舉辦盛大的活動。

2015.12.11 新聞稿

SEG 瑞士教育提團日前宣布與授班大英帝國勳章的世界知名瑞士廚師 Chef Anton Mosimann 建立獨家合作關係的簽字儀式。作為此次合作的瑞士廚藝學院 (CAA)布夫雷校區在2016年六月完工一棟3層樓的全新校舍,將會呈現The Mosimann Collection在“我對Valais 省此區塊有很深的感情,所以我特別高興能夠把瑞士遺產的重要部分能夠放在享負盛名世界級的瑞士廚藝學校。SEG 教育集團和我有著相同的價值觀和要求,精益求精,所以在這裡委託我的收藏 “

The Mosimann Collection: 包括數以千計的物品,都顯示了Chef Anton 對廚藝的熱情、個人特質和生平成就。明年將在布夫雷校區將他獨特的私人收藏將提供給我們的學生和專業人士。

生於瑞士索洛圖恩,Chef Anton的客人包括皇室成員、政治家、國家元首和眾多的人物。他曾領導服五英國首相,從柴契爾夫人到​​卡梅倫,以及四代英國皇室的烹飪團隊。 2011年,他被委以服務劍橋公爵威廉王子和凱特王妃的婚禮。他還管理在倫敦著名的Mosimann的餐廳。



“這是一個偉大的榮譽,能夠指望在世界上最好的廚師之一的合作。我們正在不斷努力,以實現卓越的教學,並通過這種合作,我們都證明了我們致力於鼓勵創造力之間的青年學生在烹飪藝術學院瑞士,同時也為他們提供未來的職業生涯的靈感–評論 Mr. Florent Rondez,CEO瑞士教育集團。

與Chef Anton 的合作夥伴關係也將延伸到瑞士凱撒里茲飯店管理大學,包含布夫雷,盧森和布里格校園。將從2016年開始,在未來三年的投資會超過4000萬瑞士法郎。

Anton Mosimann with Stanislas Wawrinka13  1 3 11




(瑞士CRCS新聞) 2015年12月瑞士凱撒里茲飯店管理大學校友也是Kempinski Hotel 執行長返校建立企業實習合作.




There is a Corporate Operations Traineeship with the Kempinski Hotel Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland that has been exclusively reserved for César Ritz Colleges students for the past 3 years.

Every 6 months a new student is selected to work alongside the executive team at the Kempinski Headquarters and given access to the inner workings of the hotel operations. To this day, it remains one of the most sought after opportunities by many of our students.


“Over the years we have been extremely satisfied with the candidates sent to us. The position is more than a trainee job; it is full-fledged graduate work with access to confidential information. The success that we have had over the past 3 years is proof of the trust that we have for César Ritz Colleges.”
Xavier Destribats, President Europe at Kempinski Hotels Geneva Switzerland


A bit of history about the creation of the position
The original connection was through the past Kempinski Chief Operations Officer who insisted Kempinski hired someone from his alma mater César Ritz Colleges. The only condition: to hire the best of the best.

Meet the most recent César Ritz Colleges student trainee
We caught up with Romanian César Ritz Colleges student Andreea Bodea who recently finished the Management Traineeship with Kempinski Headquarters in Geneva. Interested to learn more about her experience? Read her interview below.

What were your responsibilities during the Kempinski Corporate Operations Traineeship?
I worked directly with the Chief Operations Officer and Vice President of Operations. I was heavily involved with the administration of the customer service satisfaction platform and spent a lot of time centralizing the information coming in from our hotels around the world within our headquarters. A main focus was quality control across hotel operations. This included monitoring standards and analyzing reports.

This is a very unique position; can you explain the hiring approach?
There is a lot of mutual trust between Kempinksi and César Ritz Colleges that has been built over time. The internship team at school selects the candidate based on grades, previous experience and most importantly attitude. The position is very unique and it would be very difficult to compare past experiences, so the Kempinski team place a lot of value on the right mindset and willingness to be trained.

What was the most interesting thing you learned?
I would say the internal communications aspect was the most interesting. When you manage 75 hotels around the world you need to be able to give and get information very fast – and very diplomatically! It was definitely a learning experience learning how to channel the information we had towards the right people at the right time.

What was your relationship with your managers?
My professional relationships with my managers well surpassed my expectations and have developed into true mentorships. Today we still keep in touch and I know that I can pick up the phone and call them at any time for guidance.

Did you get support from past students who undertook this traineeship?
Because we have studied together there is a wonderful sharing culture that is past down from one trainee to the next. We do a weeklong handover period and since we have the same education, it is very easy to understand the approach that goes along with the responsibilities of the role.

What advice do you have for current students considering their next internship or management traineeship?
True passion for hospitality is something that is not very common. If you are passionate and invest yourself in something that you love you will find your way. It matters to have the right education, the right attitude and the willingness to push yourself for the best. But it is very important not to limit yourself to one option. I recommend doing everything you can to achieve your goal but always have a Plan B as a backup.







《瑞士》世界知名的英國皇室御用廚師- 安東・莫西曼委託個人收藏予瑞士教育集團




世界知名的英國皇室御用廚師- 安東・莫西曼委託個人收藏予瑞士教育集團1



Introducing The Mosimann Collection: A Culinary Heritage

Swiss Education Group is honored to announce a unique partnership with Anton Mosimann OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire). Anton Mosimann is famous around the world for his culinary expertise, his passion for perfection and his signature style of cuisine naturelle. His guests have included members of royal families, politicians, heads of state and numerous personalities from the world of show business, hailing from all four corners of the globe.

Anton Mosimann selects Swiss Education Group to host his culinary collection.

A taste of this extensive personal collection includes historical culinary books, pictures, medals, original recipes and an elaborate menu collection from around the world. Hosted at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland in Le Bouveret, the collection will be open in June 2016 for Swiss Education Group students and the public to see, touch and experience the past through these timeless treasures on a permanent basis.

“I feel deeply connected to this region, so I am particularly pleased to be able to place this important piece of Swiss heritage in a dedicated area belonging to one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the world. Swiss Education Group and I share the same values and requirements for excellence, so it is to my partner of choice that I am entrusting a large part of my collection, which I have built up over the course of my career,” explained Anton Mosimann.

世界知名的英國皇室御用廚師- 安東・莫西曼委託個人收藏予瑞士教育集團2 世界知名的英國皇室御用廚師- 安東・莫西曼委託個人收藏予瑞士教育集團3


Culinary creativity at the top of its game

This exclusive partnership was officially unveiled during a daylong event at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland. Stanislas Wawrinka, world number four tennis player and ambassador for Swiss Education Group, chose this occasion to reveal his favourite dish: “Rösti à la Stan”, an alternative healthy version of the famous Swiss dish. The Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland students reproduced the dish as part of a workshop-competition led by Anton Mosimann.


Passionate about cuisine, Stanislas Wawrinka shared, “I am truly honoured that such a personality in the culinary world has created my favourite dish, and I am extremely impressed by the magnificent way in which the recipe has been reinterpreted by the students at the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland.”

世界知名的英國皇室御用廚師- 安東・莫西曼委託個人收藏予瑞士教育集團4


Born in Solothurn, Switzerland, Anton Mosimann, who often sports a bow tie, is able to look back on a brilliant career. At the age of 25, Swiss Chef Anton Mosimann was one of the youngest Chefs to receive the coveted Chef de Cuisine Diploma. At 28, he was appointed Maitre Chef des Cuisine at the Dorchester Hotel in London. During his thirteen-year tenure he was awarded two Michelin stars. He has led the culinary teams serving five British Prime Ministers, from Margaret Thatcher to David Cameron, as well as four generations of the British Royal Family. Since October 1989, Anton has run Mosimann’s, an exclusive dining club in London, which successfully unites passion for good food and fine wine. In 2011, Mosimann’s was entrusted with providing the food for the evening reception following the wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine Middleton. In addition he was the catering partner for the three latest Olympic Games.