2015.05.05 Cesar Ritz Colleges News.


凱撒里茲飯店管理大學傑出校友 Ms. Denise Andrzejewski

分享5 項成功密訣給學弟妹:


Denise是德國籍校友, 10年前從凱撒里茲飯店管理大學畢業後搬到杜拜從事飯店餐飲事業, 現在在阿拉伯大公國成立The Kaizen Initiative公司, 專業於人資, 公司組資發展, 訓練課程設計及企業組織相關顧問公司.


  • Explore Different Cultures 探討發現不同的文化
  • Make Use of Travel 多旅行
  • Look For the Bigger Picture in Hospitality 尋求更大飯店餐飲願景
  • Start Building Your Network 開始建立自己人脈
  • It’s All About Flexibility 可以很彈性的


“As an entrepreneur life never gets boring. Everyday you wake up and wonder what today has to offer.”

Over 10 years ago German born César Ritz Colleges alumni Denise Andrzejewski moved to Abu Dhabi to work in the hospitality business. As a new traveller, the move to the United Arab Emirates was bold, a touch scary and completely eye opening to what the world can offer. Through this move, she gained experiences across departments in hotels, worked her way up the ladder in a multi-national corporation and has recently made the decision to open her own company based in the United Arab Emirates. Today Denise is the Founder and Managing Director of The Kaizen Initiative – a Human Resources & Performance Consultancy focused on organizational development, training design and corporate affairs consulting.

With an impressive career already underway, we asked Denise to share with us her top tips for future hospitality graduates interested in setting up their own business.

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1) Explore Different Cultures
One thing that served me very well during my professional years as an employee and entrepreneur was my early exposure to different cultures. Once you get to know people from around the world, you can better understand why they are the way they are and how to respond to them. Now think of co-workers, bosses and customers and how much of an advantage it would give you to already know about the cultural dos and don’ts!

2) Make Use of Travel
Hospitality like no other industry gives you the opportunity to explore the world. Do that! Wherever it will take you, embrace and learn from all travel. Nowadays travelling is one of the most important things I do to keep up with developments in different parts of the world. But it hasn’t always been this way. When I just started working in Hospitality I was hesitant and uncomfortable to go places I hadn’t been before and without knowing anyone. Ever since, travelling has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and as they say that’s when the magic happens! I learned to embrace the new and unknown, something that has been essential to both my company’s and my own growth.

3) Look For the Bigger Picture in Hospitality
Hospitality in my eyes is all about customer service while creating experiences and memories people are willing to pay for. I believe that studying and working in the hospitality sector gives you the perfect foundation for this – you learn not only the business aspect which you will need once you become an entrepreneur but it will also equip you with the knowledge and skills of customer service, cultural awareness and the willingness to step out of your comfort zones. Plus it will train you on working hard and long hours for hardly any money, which is the best training for your start-up.

4) Start Building Your Network
You might think it is way too early, but let me tell you its not. Don’t only focus on your classmates and friends but make an effort to connect with people outside of your circles too. Once you graduate make sure you are connected on social networks like LinkedIn or Facebook. This recently rescued a deal I had with a client from the entertainment industry.

5) It’s All About Flexibility
Hospitality and the industry itself will stretch you in many ways and that is a good thing. I look at it like the Yoga of business that teaches you the flexibility you need to survive. With all the shifts, long hours, weeks without a day off, the uncertainty about which location in the world your next move will take you and so on. It teaches you to be flexible and to adapt to various environments, people and customers. Being flexible is essential if you want to become an entrepreneur and compete with the world out there. Hospitality will be the master in teaching you that skill.


Resource 資料來源 凱撒里茲新聞