César Ritz Colleges at EuroCHRIE Conference in Amsterdam, 25 – 28 October 2010瑞士凱撒里茲飯店管理大學參加2010年歐洲EuroCHRIE年會於阿姆斯特丹舉辦.

來自300多位世界各地學校代表參加2010年歐洲EuroCHRIE年會於阿姆斯特丹舉辦.其中本校學生Avantikka Raghunandan發表“Agri-tourism in India”文章在許多文章中脫穎而出,穫得發表及肯定. 學生的指導老師是Dr Susan Horner and Professor Eva Schuepbach. Dr Susan Horner同時也是CHRIE副主席, 並擔任本校Leadership program的主任.

Over 300 delegates from universities around the world and representatives from the industry gathered in the Movenpick hotel in Amsterdam to discuss the latest research in hospitality and tourism. The event proved to be an excellent opportunity to link up with university partners to discuss academic cooperation. A small delegation from César Ritz Colleges Switzerland attended the conference, which had as its theme ‘Passion for Hospitality Excellence’. Avantikka Raghunandan on “Agri-tourism in India”

One highlight, was the presentation by our recent graduate Avantikka Raghunandan from India of a paper based on her final year project on agri-tourism in India. Her supervisors for this project were Dr Susan Horner and Professor Eva Schuepbach. Avantika was selected to present her final Industry Project during the annual EuroCHRIE conference because of the high quality of her work. “Many were quite surprised to learn this was an undergraduate project and are looking forward to hearing more about Avantikka, and her project, in the future!” commented Mrs Susan Fournier, Vice-President of ICHRIE and Leadership Programme Director at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland.

Papers presented by lecturers from César Ritz Colleges Mr Colin Seeley presented a paper on “Preferred learning styles of Hospitality students – cultural preferences”. Ms. Virginia Meza presented her work on “Integrating an indigenous student group into a Swiss hospitality programme: a case study of Panamanian students” which provoked many questions as well as encouragement for continuation of this groundbreaking research. All three papers were well received and a wide selection of institutions expressed an interest in participating in the research programme next year. This will lead to further opportunities for publishing and widening our research on learning styles.
Special thanks to Mrs Susan Fournier who in the position of Vice-President is able to inform us about the interesting events organized by ICHRIE.