CR_Jordi Pelfort_Latin America

“César Ritz Colleges gave me
an internationally recognised
‘drivers licence’.”
“My choice to study hospitality came
naturally as my father is a hotelier and
since I was a child, I always liked what
he did and knew that I wanted to be like
I love my chosen career path and I will
say that I am really lucky because I do
what I want and I am always learning.
Adrenaline walks with me all the time in
my career. I enjoy helping people have a
good time and creating teams to deliver
the service that guests are expecting.
During my time at César Ritz Colleges I
gained an internationally recognised
“driver’s license” which gave me the
capacity to become a competitive pilot in
the right moment, place and
I was born and raised in Spain and since
graduating from César Ritz Colleges, I
have built my career in the Dominican
Republic, Venezuela, the Caribbean
and Mexico.
I am proud to say that I had my first
role as a General Manager just 6
years after graduation ! Since 2010,
I have been working as the
Managing Director of Blue Diamond
Hotels & Resorts, an innovative hotel
management company that
specializes in creating differentiated
brands to suit each market’s
demands. Our operating team
includes some of the most
experienced management in the
industry. We offer sales, marketing,
and brand management services and
through our unique approach,
tailoring hotels, we strive to meet and
exceed customer expectations.
I would tell any student considering
studying hospitality to jump into this
interesting world full of action and
challenges if you really like it, but
make sure you think twice before
moving forward. It is a job that not
everybody can do and like it at the
same time.
My combination for success is to mix
passion with effort and a good team.”