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Mr César Ritz凱撒里茲先生在創辦巴黎里茲飯店時期展覽文物在瑞士凱撒里茲 飯店管理飯店展出,來勵志學生學習Mr César Ritz的精神。


Dear colleagues


pleased to inform you that finally the items lend to César Ritz by the Ritz Paris have found their way

into the 1st floor Salon and in the lobby window display.

Some further adjustment will be made but in the meantime I sincerely hope they will be inspirational to

our students.


Kindest Regards


Florent Rondez


高興地通知您,終於把Ritz Hotel Paris里茲巴黎找到自己的方式 ,

將凱撒里茲先生在創辦時期的巴黎里茲飯店展覽文物放在進入一樓Cesar Ritz在沙龍和大堂窗口顯示。







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