DSC021102015-06-26 瑞士凱撒里茲大學校友會,在布里格校區盛大舉行
2015-06-05,瑞士凱撒里茲大學在布里格校區邀請全球的校友回娘家! 超過200位校友,來自35個不同的國家,再度在學校重逢。並且邀請Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, LVMH 集團手錶部門總裁,TAG Heuer 首席執行長及Hublot 董事長演講。1

The César Ritz Colleges Alumni Reunion was an emotionally charged, incredible and fun-filled weekend!
The event hosted over 200 alumni representing 35 different nationalities with 2 full days of non-stop laughter, tears, dancing, story-swapping and scrumptious food!
The event started off on a high with a VIP speaker from the world’s most exclusive luxury company. Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, LVMH President of the Watches Division, CEO for TAG Heuer and Chairman of the Board for Hublot welcomed the group on Friday evening with the keynote speech to kick-off the festivities. Speaking right from the heart, his story of hard work, perseverance and success set the tone for the hospitality professionals returning home to their educational roots.
Saturday, the Culinary Arts Academy students hosted the unforgettable Festival Culinary. A totally unique experience, the event featured local products presented through a tasting menu prepared by our Culinary students. With Lake Geneva, the Alps and plenty of sunshine in the background, the ambience was perfect for the long-awaited celebration.2

Total César Ritz Colleges original couples present: 6
Total César Ritz Colleges spawn (resulting from said couples) present: 8
Oldest graduation year present: 1983
Longest time-lapse for classmates between last get together: 27 years
Furthest journey to Switzerland: El Salvador
Common theme throughout the weekend: Love and emotions will carry you through to success
Biggest organization oversight: Not buying enough tissues for the amount of happy tears flowing throughout the weekend
1. The pink building is definitely still pink.
2. It’s true, we really do have family in every corner of the world.
3. Everyone can recount at least one wild and crazy story from the Dog and Lamp Post.
4. The self-proclaimed Dinosaur (ask Mme Cretton) has become the glue of the César Ritz Colleges Family
5. Naming a bar Chaos is without a doubt a recipe for disaster.
6. Mr. Gross’ Beverage Studies classes were unanimously agreed to be not well suited for an 8:00am start.3