César Ritz students had the opportunity to attend the UEFA Europa League final in Basel on 18th May and cater for 2000 VIP guests.




凱撒里茲學生獲得參與在瑞士巴賽爾舉辦之2016年度歐洲足聯賽決賽,並協助將近2000名VIP之餐飲盛會. 學生們皆表示在這次盛大的宴會中獲益良多,不僅對於自己的專業更加自豪,也在宴會上學到更多專業人士的籌備技能.

Traian Stefan Luchian described his involvement as special and educational.

“I would describe my working experience with UEFA as very exclusive and genuine. If I would have to characterize the entire experience in one quote, I would say: ” Professionalism and exclusive services from professionals to exclusive customers” since we have successfully managed to meet the expectations of the VIP clients at the UEFA final”

Stefan Jevic described his participation as special and he said to us that he is now feeling ready to tackle any future challenges.

“For me, the UEFA experience was a very unique one compared to my previous forays into events. This was truly my first experience working at a sporting event, and catering for 2000 VIPs. To me, it was astounding how such a high level of service as well as food and beverage offerings could be sustained and maintained. The organization itself was very professional, well-planned and it was obvious that lots of thought and organization took place before the actual event! While it was challenging to work with multiple external teams, that said, I have absolutely no complaints regarding the event and the whole night can easily be called a true learning experience. Now I can happily say that my Food & Beverage knowledge at this point has been well rounded by this experience. The team and myself showed great team spirit, “outgoing-ness” and a positive attitude that was clearly felt and seen by the guests and organizers. If someone would ask me if I would work for an event like this again my answer would be: 110% YES!”

Bela Gilly described his experience in Basel as exciting, challenging, marvelous and even life enhancing! It was a great experience and a journey full of fun and challenging tasks. All in all he said it was a memorable working day!

Alisa Sapozhnikova commented: “It was a great opportunity to gain experience in such a pleasant, diverse and unique environment. Although it is common to associate football matches with hotdogs, chips and beer, I had a chance to see it from the perspective of VIP guests, where only the finest food and drinks were served. Those guests were coming from far away and I felt responsible for the quality of service they received. All of us did. And what happens when passionate, motivated and energetic employees come together to do a great job? A great job happens! I am very happy that I had this unique opportunity to join a globally important event and played a significant role in it!”